Industrial Fanless Computers Are Used in a Variety of Industries

Industrial computer

Today’s consumers are constantly connected to the businesses that they frequent the most often. From retail kiosks to interactive displays at restaurants, technology keeps businesses and their consumers well informed. In fact, with the use of industrial fanless computers all kinds of businesses provide interactive displays. With embedded computers and other kinds of embedded systems, retailers of all sizes are able to stay connected with both current and future cutomers and clients.
Kiosks at mall, in restaurants, and throughout airports are revolutionalizing the way that our world operates.
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What E Waste Recycling is And Why It’s Important

E waste recycling

Every year in America, hundreds of thousands of tons of e waste is generated. In 2010, Americans threw away 255,000 tons of computers, 401,000 tons of monitors, 864,000 tons of televisions, and 17,200 tons of mobile devices. All of that was simply thrown away: but e waste recycling is far more sensible, environmentally-friendly, and safe way to deal with used electronics.

What is E Waste?

E waste is any kind of outdated or irreparably broken computer or electronic equipment that cannot be used or is not worth refurbishing to the owner. Examples include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, stereo systems, and television. Almost 100% of e waste can be recycled, but hardly any is. Currently, e waste recycling only deals with 12.5% of our national e waste.

Why is E Waste Recycling Important?

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How Your Company Can Benefit From Working With a Digital Marketing Firm

Integrated digital marketing

Many Internet users tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to the time it takes for a website to load. A recent survey showed that 40% of users will just wait three seconds. If the site doesn’t load during that time span, then they’ll leave and conduct another search.

There are other issues that frustrate users, particularly those that prefer to use their mobile devices to access the Internet. In addition to 46% of mobile users reporting that they experienced difficulties interacting with web pages, 44% complained that they had issues with page navigation. This can make a significant difference with a company’s sales figures, because four out of five consumers report that they use their smartphones to go shopping.

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