Why You Need Scuba Diver Insurance

As a scuba diver insurance is one of the most important aspects of your dive kit. Being prepared is the best way to keep yourself and your family safe. The DAN dive insurance promo code will help you keep yourself insured for less. Your personal insurance will likely not cover dive accidents as it is considered a hazardous recreational sport. Learn more about health insurance by contacting your insurance provider and ask them what is covered.

The DAN dive insurance covers all scuba accidents with no mileage restrictions which are important when diving in remote areas. Access health insurance plans not available to people who love hazardous sports like scuba diving with DAN a world-recognized insurance provider specializing in scuba diving. Add to insurance policy to get the best care possible and avoid costly accidents in remote locations.

add to insurance policy

Learn more about insurance industry and available options for divers, understand what your DAN dive insurance promo code will get you:

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment
  • Medical Charges for Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment as well as surgical operations
  • Ambulance transportation by ground, air, or marine ambulance services to the nearest Hospital or Hyperbaric Chamber where care and treatment can be given
  • Any hospital charges

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