Working From Home Smart Attendance Tracker

In this video, you will learn about remote attendance systems. With more people working from home, more technology is arising where companies can track employee statistics. It is hard to monitor your employees when they are working from home. Tictoks is a tool that companies can use to track employee time from home while they are remotely working.

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Tictok provides remote employee attendance, active time monitoring, keystroke data, and USB port monitoring. It also has two-factor authentication. You can log in using a username and password and use a specialized number. You can click on location view. The current location of the employee can be viewed. Select the month and year and you can see the particular month and year. You can track the employee’s specific keyboard strokes. All of your employees can be tracked. All of this data can be viewed for each employee, the company whole, or another type of data. Data is easily accessible on a mobile device or web browser. This technology is designed to increase productivity. With increased productivity comes an improvement in company morale. The best way to track this is by looking at company metics as a whole, and then seeing where the company has weak sectors.

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