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general contractor

7 Things You Should Know to Become a General Contractor

Are you thinking of a career change? Many people shift from working for a boss to working for themselves as a way to increase their freedom and their earnings at the same time. As a general contractor, you can be the boss and take charge. This is an extremely appealing prospect for many. If you …

server preventive maintenance

Do This For Server Preventive Maintenance

COVID 19 has taught us a lot including how important our servers are to us. With an uptick of about 170% in remote working, server preventive maintenance has taken on a new urgency. Today server function, reliability, and performance is a new priority. Server preventive maintenance has always been a critical activity, but now, with …

marketing tips for restaurants

10 Top Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Think about your favorite restaurant. How did you first hear about it? Was it through social media, an ad on television, or a recommendation from a friend? No matter how you heard about it, it was through some form of marketing. Marketing is important for restaurant leaders to spend time thinking about. However, restaurant leaders …

Best Ways for Teaching Your Child at Home

COVID-19 has certainly thrown the world for a loop and it looks like children staying out of school might be here to stay. As lawmakers and superintendents debate whether or not children should go back to school in the fall, more parents are worried about what their teaching schedule might look like in September. After …

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