Common SQL DBA Database Operation Questions

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The internet has opened up hundreds of thousands of jobs. Not only has the internet made it easier for individuals to open up small businesses from their living rooms, but it has also called for web developers and those professionals who understand and improve upon the internet. SQL, or Structured Query Language is a specific language that is used in the internet world. The SQL database alone has increased the demand for jobs related to the internet.

What exactly is Structured Query Language?

A Structured Query Language or SQL is the accepted language for database management systems. It is the condensed version of language that is used to communicate with other developers and DQL DBA consultants within the internet database. The SQL language combines all the different individual programContinue reading

The 3 Things You Must Do to Succeed with an Online Webinar Event

Virtual event platforms

Back in the late 1960s, the television show Star Trek had a lot of technology that was futuristic. It was all so exciting and made us think of all the possibilities. One of the pieces of technology that they employed every week was that of the main screen on the Starship Enterprise. It could be used as a windshield, so the crew could see where they were going, but if Captain Kirk wanted to have a conversation with, say, a Klingon, he would tell a member of the crew to put them on the main screen and they would communicate with both audio and video. They would have virtual conferences with virtually everyone in the galaxy, and beyond.

In today’s technology driven world, Continue reading

Location Intelligence Solutions Give Businesses Powerful MarketingTools

Geospatial information system

Spatial data analysis helps businesses to see what’s happening ?on the ground? with their customer base. Using geocoding and address and household level data, it helps to understand customer locations, the geographical context of their shopping and spending decisions, and the overall market environment. Location intelligence solutions use cloud-based software, geo-demographic data and professional services to help clients? planning and marketing operations.

Миф наркотик что это What is location intelligence?
Oddly enough, the development of cloud based software helps businesses get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the ground. Location inteContinue reading