How To Measure For A New Garage Door

For most homes, maintenance has to be done regularly. Whether it’s cleaning or fixing, these are things every homeowner has to deal with. One thing most homeowners hate doing though is paying for brand new things. One of these things that homeowners have to pay for is new garage door installation services. Installing a garage door by yourself can be a bothersome task, so why not hire the right people to do it.

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If you attempt to do it yourself with little to no experience, you could end up with broken springs or worse, throwing out a brand new door that you just paid for. One issue that many people run into is how to measure for the new door that you’re getting. One trick is to measure the old door. This is a great method to get an exact fit. If you don’t have an old door though, where exactly do you start measuring? The rule here is to measure the inside frame of the door and not to measure from the outside. The reason being is that the door needs to cover the entirety of the inside, but cannot be too big as to not be able to close correctly.

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