Three Reasons Why the Cloud Is Growing

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Unlike its namesake, cloud hosting servers are not fluffy, white conglomerates of vapors lazily floating in the sky — they’re powerful machines capable of connecting a vast array of computers through a wireless network. If anything, cloud hosting services are more like a hurricane, considering how quickly the industry seems to be growing. According to Sillicon Angle, experts predict that by 2018, the global market for cloud hosting equipment will reach a staggering $79.1 billion.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the industry. Cloud hosting has been on an upwards trajectory for years, and analysts predict that it will continue on an upwards trajectory for some time for several reasons. Here are a just a few.

It Saves Money.

If something is going to save a business money, chances are the company will take advantage of it. Naturally, part of the reason the cloud is growing is because it helps companies cut their spending. Reportedly, about 82% of companies who moved to the cloud last year were able to save money.

It’s Getting Better All the Time.

It seems like the cloud just keeps getting better and better, because it is quite frankly. About four out of five cloud adopters saw it improve within six months of using it. What’s more, several others also feel that it’ll continue to improve. Nearly one-third of people believe that cloud hosting is a thing of the future.

It Makes IT Operations Simpler.

Another big reason people love to use the cloud is because it helps them make IT-related operations easier. In fact, about 60% of businesses use the cloud specifically to do IT-related operations.

Essentially, the reason more and more companies are choosing to use cloud servers as dedicated server hosting solutions is because they not only work, but because they work well. Cloud hosting is flexible, scalable, and simple. It can make things not only more efficient, but also easier. Why not find out for yourself why the industry is growing?

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