How Can You Establish a Mobile Communication System in a Remote Site?

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Having an efficient, effective mobile communication system in place is an important part of any operation. However, getting one set up on a remote work site can be quite the challenge. Certain geological features and settings can not only make it difficult to set up a mobile communication system, but they can also interfere with the system’s reception.

Luckily, mobile communication towers make it easy to establish a communication system, even in the most difficult of settings. Here’s how.

Guyed Mobile Communication Systems.

Guyed mobile communication towers have several benefits, the best of which is that they can be quickly installed. In as little as three hours, a remote work site can get a guyed mobile communication system up in place. The tower trailers can be easily pulled and its suspension is lefted for better access, so there’s no problem getting them to a hard-to-reach, extremely remote work site. The towers themselves can also handle 10 square feet of surface, with 125 pounds of dead weight, and are rated (with the proper guying of course) for wind speeds of up to 130 kilometers an hour. Operations can use this mobile communication system to set up for RF testing, wireless shots, cellular repeaters, and even two way radio systems.

Non-Guyed Mobile Communication Systems.

Non-guyed mobile communication towers can be set up even faster than their guyed counterparts, needing less than an hour to be installed. What makes these mobile communication systems so attractive though is their ability to be deployed in the most extreme, congested work sites. They have an incredibly small footprint, with an area of just 30′ x 40′ and are rated for the same wind speeds as their guyed counterparts. What’s more, these towers can even handle up to 250 pounds of dead weight, and have 10 square feet of surface space. These mobile communication systems include an antenna rotator, and dual obstruction lights.

Without an effective way to communicate, a work site’s efficiency will be crippled. These systems are the perfect way to ensure that onsite communications will be clean and clear, even if the site is extreme. If you have any questions about mobile communications towers for remote sites, please feel free to ask in the comments. More info like this:

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