Three Sources of Help With Social Media Marketing That You Should Take Advantage Of

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Of all the different types of marketing strategies used on the Internet today, none may be as effective as marketing a brand through social media. In fact, as many as 47% of American web users say that Facebook had a large influence on their buying and purchasing decisions — no small statistic!

But if you’re a marketer who hasn’t yet worked with social media on a campaign, knowing how to successfully craft a social media marketing campaign can be daunting. But don’t worry — the Internet has a vast number of resources where you can get the help with social media you need to help you and your clients succeed.

Not sure where to get the social media sales and marketing tips to increase sales that you need? Check out these three great resources for marketers just like you:

Online guides with free marketing tips

A variety of different sites — Moz being among them — offer guides to marketing via social media that serve as a great introduction to this marketing tactic. Some are free; however, others aren’t. Choose whichever guide works best for your budget and for your needs as a marketer!

Social media-related publications

As social media continues to expand, there are online publications that focus entirely around marketing through social media. The Social Media Examiner and Mashable are just two of the many sites that publish articles every day on the latest industry trends and tips.

Social media marketing companies

Of all the different places to seek help with social media, the social media marketing company might be your best bet. Because these companies offer a service that caters to your clients’ unique needs, you receive an individualized service that is effective and educational at the same time.

Where are some of your favorite places to seek help with social media? Share with us in the comments! Find more on this here.

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