What Does Lidar Technology Do?

The world is full of incredible technologies. To think, a hundred years ago most people didn’t have regular access to electricity and no one had even dreamed up computers. Traveling across oceans often took weeks and airplane travel was practically unheard of. Now, people have access to many incredible technologies, like lidar provided by lidar technology companies.

So what is lidar? Lidar is typically used to measure distances.

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A laser is pointed at an object and then bounced back to the receiver, which can measure the total time it takes for the light to travel. This helps compute the total distance.

Lidar is useful in many different settings. For example, many self-driving cars rely on lidar to measure the distance between the self-driving car and the objects around them. A car driving in traffic might use lidar to keep track of and monitor all the other cars around them.

Lidar is also used to make elevation maps. A farmer might use lidar to carefully analyze his land to determine where fertilizer should go or to find areas most likely to get the most light, so on and so forth. You can also use lidar to identify rivers and underwater structures, such as submerged canyons and river banks. As you can see, lidar offers many different uses.

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