A Brief History of Printed Circuit Boards

Pcb board assembly

Many gadgets that you use every single day contain circuit boards. Electronic devices are made with different kinds of these boards but one remains quite popular. The printed circuit board allows for many customization options and offers fast production times. However, the popularity of the printed circuit board did take some time to develop. It took 50 years after the invention of the printed circuit board for these devices to become a $7.1 billion industry. In 2012, printed circuit boards had surpassed $60 million in sales. In this post, you will learn more about how these amazing circuit boards are created.

The PCB fabrication process starts with data. This data can come from many different file types as long as it is formatted correctly. Next, the data will be put into a compContinue reading

Understanding Different Types of Water Analysis Equipment

Types of water testing equipment

Any company that works with water knows how important it is to keep a clean supply of it. There are many different dangers that can occur within water filtration. Staying prepared and keeping the right water analysis supplies on hand can ensure operations run smoothly. Laboratory equipment suppliers carry a wide variety of supplies to handle the needs of your business. Here are four types of water analysis equipment and why they are important to have.

  1. Colorimeter: These devices are primarily used to detect changes in color, especially in areas of water. A colorimeter can measure how concentrated a solution becomes. If you are adding different solutions into water, you will want to know the exact concentratContinue reading

Three Reasons Why Companies Use Executive Search Firms

Hr executive recruiters

If a business is growing, there is a good chance that it will need to work with human resources at some point — or at the very least employ a human resources team. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a permanent employee at your own company to handle human resources. This could mean working with human resources executive search firms or outplacement consulting companies. These firms often offer the services of HR recruiters, who can at least handle the hiring aspects of running a company. Hiring internally is one thing — finding a new hire outside of your company is an entirely different game, and is best left to professional HR recruContinue reading