Hotel Management Software and Why Your Small Property Needs It

Whether you have a small hospitality property or a large chain of hotels, there are some things the entire hospitality industry has in common. Customer service is key, employee retention is important, and hotel management solutions need to address a quickly-changing changing digital world. Having the right hotel property management system is an important way of advancing and satisfying customers. Such a system can also be key to employee retention by taking some of the most difficult burdens off your employees’ shoulders and lowering their stress.

Why Do You Need One?

If you are a small property, your ability to grow is limited by your technology. Using a reservation book, an isolated reservation software program, or even Excel spreadsheets may be enough for now, but it does not allow you to expand and grow. It also increases the amount of time that you spend interacting with online Continue reading

Industrial Fanless Computers Are Used in a Variety of Industries

Industrial computer

Today’s consumers are constantly connected to the businesses that they frequent the most often. From retail kiosks to interactive displays at restaurants, technology keeps businesses and their consumers well informed. In fact, with the use of industrial fanless computers all kinds of businesses provide interactive displays. With embedded computers and other kinds of embedded systems, retailers of all sizes are able to stay connected with both current and future cutomers and clients.
Kiosks at mall, in restaurants, and throughout airports are revolutionalizing the way that our world operates.
Whether you are out to eat with a group of friends or checking into an airport with an entire Continue reading

What E Waste Recycling is And Why It’s Important

E waste recycling

Every year in America, hundreds of thousands of tons of e waste is generated. In 2010, Americans threw away 255,000 tons of computers, 401,000 tons of monitors, 864,000 tons of televisions, and 17,200 tons of mobile devices. All of that was simply thrown away: but e waste recycling is far more sensible, environmentally-friendly, and safe way to deal with used electronics.

What is E Waste?

E waste is any kind of outdated or irreparably broken computer or electronic equipment that cannot be used or is not worth refurbishing to the owner. Examples include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, stereo systems, and television. Almost 100% of e waste can be recycled, but hardly any is. Currently, e waste recycling only deals with 12.5% of our national e waste.

Why is E Waste Recycling Important?

There arContinue reading