Your Food Will Sell Like Hot Cakes with the Right SEO

Good website design tips

Even with a masterful line-up in the kitchen and newest, most innovative and fresh ingredients, many restaurants fail. So, what gives? What’s the missing link between incredible talent and success? The missing link could be the biggest way people link up with any good or service: The internet. If, while developing your fabulous restaurant, you neglected to poor time into the website, you could really be missing out. Here’s what you need to know.

Get Ranked.
Unfortunately, Google doesn’t even take the taste of your food into consideration when it ranks you. Instead, local search ranking factors for restaurants (and all businesses, really) depend on how frequently keywords are used on a website. The act of editing your website to be more appealing to google is called search engine optimization or SEO. If you’re wondering how to improve website performance, this is a great place to start. You can hire a professional or there are lots of SEO tips online.

Be Clear.
So once your SEO is awesome and everyone is coming straight to your website, make sure they can find the content that they want right away. A professional website designer is an extremely wise investment. They can help you display specials prominently and can really get your website not only to function, but to solve some of your business problems. If Tuesdays are slow, your website can fix that! You just have to have the right web guy on your team.

Show off.
Even if it isn’t you, someone at your restaurant has always dreamed of writing a column or a blog or putting their opinion somewhere where others can revel in it. A website is a great place to do that! By adding content that is relevant, you’ll increase your Google ratings and please your customers.

Be Flexible.
Lastly, but perhaps most important, your website must be responsive. That means you have a site that is good at converting website to mobile. Google says 30% of searches happen on a mobile device. Don’t miss those people! This may even be more important than looking into local search ranking factors.

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