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Online marketing strategies for business to business exchanges (B2B) can be pretty complicated simply because they’re so different from traditional online marketing campaigns for business to consumer (B2C) exchanges. Here are a handful of statistics that shed some light on how B2B marketing campaigns work in the virtual marketplace:

#2: In a list of top online search engine websites, this is the spot held by YouTube. As many people would guess, Google has a strong hold on the top spot — but as a website that distributes content solely through videos, it’s pretty impressive that YouTube has beat out other search engines that used to be popular (such as AOL, Yahoo, and Bing). The important conclusion here is that multimedia content is incredibly important for solid lead generation campaigns, and especially for B2B lead generation.

71%: The number of B2B online marketing companies that use content marketing for B2B lead generation. Creating (and maintaining) an active blog is actually one of the best ways that a business can use content distribution as lead generation marketing. According to a 2010 study, a business can start seeing an increase in lead generation for B2B business after posting anywhere from 24 to 52 articles on a blog — of course, creating high-quality original content is a major factor in the effectiveness of a blog in this case, as well as distribution to target audiences.

84%: The percentage of B2B online marketing companies and individuals who use social media marketing tools while working on B2B exchanges. Social media websites that allow businesses to share content directly with target audiences are some the best ways to ensure that a B2B lead generation strategy (like creating a blog) is successful.

Six: The average number of social media platforms that each B2B marketer uses. Unlike conventional B2C (business to consumer) internet marketing, LinkedIn is actually the most popular social media website for B2B online marketing companies to use, followed by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This is because high-quality original content is usually valued more in B2B and online marketing plans, because quality B2B lead generation matters more than in B2C lead generation.

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