Why Your Pharmacy Might Be Hurting If You’re Using a Generic POS System

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Not all POS systems (point of sale systems) are equal. And why should they be? Think about it: an independent pharmacy is unlike a cellphone re-seller, or a grocery store, or a clothing store, in nearly every single way; so why would anyone expect the POS systems to be the same?

The fact is, if you own a small independent pharmacy and you’re using a POS system that’s sold for all business types, you aren’t really getting the best POS service available. And it’s not because of you, your employees, or your customers — it’s simply because your POS software may not be giving you the best options for running a pharmacy. Here are a few “extra” features that traditional POS systems may not be able to handle, but which pharmacy POS systems can offer your business:

1. Modern pharmacy POS software can keep track of inventory in the main part of the store so that pharmacists and employees can focus more on prescriptions and patients. With so much internet access, people are constantly finding out about “new” medical remedies which result in situations like every bottle of witch hazel and cranberry supplements being sold out in a day. A good POS system won’t go creeping on your patients’ Google searches, but it will keep track of sales in real-time so that you’re always aware of which products are selling out, and which products never ever sell.

2. New POS software can track individual customer information, both with regular sales and with prescription sales. These systems aren’t intended to take over a pharmacist’s job, but they are capable of keeping track of details so that pharmacists can offer better quality advice and services to patients. With something as sensitive as drug information and history, a finicky POS system just isn’t good enough.

3. Efficient pharmacy POS systems — especially mobile systems — allow employees to spend less time in a stationary position behind the counter, and more time interacting with customers in the aisles. A good pharmacy POS system won’t entirely rule out the chance of theft, which is exponentially higher in stores that carry medical products, but it allows employees to keep an eye on the shelves while also tending to customers’ needs.

Is updating your POS software going to fix every problem your pharmacy has? Probably not. But switching to a software specifically designed with pharmacies in mind allows you to focus less on the mundane details of running a business, and more on the good customer service that sets your pharmacy apart from all the other chain retailers. Read more blogs like this: www.rm-solutions.com

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