Three Places Besides the Office to Use a Lumbar Pillow Insert

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Even though you can treat your back pain with ice, rest, or physical therapy, you’re not solving the problem if you just go back to work and continue to hunch over your desk. You’re only treating the symptoms, not the cause, which is your awkward sitting posture. If you really want to eliminate your lower back pain, you’re going to need to invest in some ergonomics.

However, many people are already aware of this, yet they still continue to sit in their cheap office chairs instead of investing in ergonomic computer chairs for back pain, because they don’t want to buy something that they’ll only use at the office. If someone’s going to invest in the best ergonomic office chairs or similar products, they want to use them as much as possible–not just when they’re at their desks.

That’s part of the beauty of lumbar pillow inserts. These are small pillows that can be placed in the back of a chair to provide more support for the back’s lumbar region, effectively improving back support and allowing the spin to curve naturally as it should. Most people think that they can only use their lumbar pillow inserts while at the office, but the truth is that they can really take them anywhere.

Besides the office, here are some other great places you can use your lumbar pillow insert.

In the Car.

The drive to work might not seem like it’s too long or too brutal, but the average commuter in the United States spends over 50 minutes in round trip commuting. That’s almost an entire hour more than you’d have to sit uncomfortably, on top of the eight hours you just spent at work. Thankfully, most lumbar pillow inserts function perfectly well in cars.

At the Table.

Meals are times when you’re supposed to relax and unwind. Using a lumbar pillow insert while you sit down for dinner would make the time that much more enjoyable. However, some people only eat because they’re biologically supposed to. These folks are busy and have other things to do, so why should they worry about 15 minutes of unsupported seating time? Frankly, lumbar pillow inserts can help with digestion. Hunching over can impede the path that food takes through the digestive system. A lumbar pillow insert can make these folks’ dinner time all the more efficient and healthy.

During TV Time.

According to Statistic Brain, the average American spends more than five hours watching TV. As comfortable as the sofa or your favorite recliner may be, chances are it doesn’t give you the proper support it should. Thankfully, you can use a lumbar pillow insert to make sure that you’re not hurting your back even more as you binge watch the rest of House of Cards or one of your other favorite shows.

These are just a few of the places you can conveniently take your lumbar pillow inserts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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