Multi-Platform Functionality is the New King of SEO

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Did you know that since 2010, more than 34 million iPads have been sold in the United States? Those who surf the web using iPads or other tablets are the most active local searchers; of those, about 64% report using tablets to make local searches on a weekly basis. As well, many people use smartphones to go online and conduct local web searches. 10% of all internet traffic comes from global mobile traffic. Thus, the SEO friendly website design of 2014 is not the same as it was just 5 years ago. The most effective new SEO techniques focus on functional web design across multiple platforms and machines.

If you want to know how to improve website traffic, you should be focusing on more than just traditional SEO marketing techniques. This is a new era in which answering the question, “how does my site rank for keywords?” is simply not going to cut it. If you’re looking to figure out how to improve website performance, mobile optimization and website design fluidity are crucial. for example, 61% of all consumers visiting websites that don’t work well on their smartphones or tablets will quickly become fed up enough to jump ship for a more mobile friendly competitor’s website. Form and function cannot be separated in today’s permutable online environment. Therefore, asking a question like, “how does my site rank for keywords,” is jumping the gun if you don’t have maximum design functionality that transcends platforms, operating systems, and hardware.

This isn’t to say that keywords aren’t extremely important to building online brand identity and website visibility in regards to search. Of course, it is crucial to not only ask, “how does my site rank for keywords,” but to develop quantifiable methods of determining objective answers to that question and tracking them over time in order to identify trends. The main take away, however, is that companies need to be asking, “how does my site rank for keywords,” within the broader scope of newly relevant, malleable design performance concerns within the SEO construct. Read more articles like this:

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