Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Need To Focus on Creating a Solid Mobile-Friendly Website

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When a small business is trying to figure out a good digital marketing strategy, most businesses focus largely on the content they’re presenting. High quality content definitely plays a big role in the best digital marketing campaigns, but only if another factor is also addressed: the company’s web page design. Think about it — it’s hard to concentrate on what you’re reading when you’re bothered by the font or distracted by flashing advertisements.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re focusing on building up your company’s web design and development, there’s one thing that should get your undivided attention: building a mobile web design that works flawlessly on devices like smartphone and tablets. Don’t think so? Here are just a few reasons why:

An estimated 56% of all Americans own a smartphone. And that number is growing every single day. People are constantly on the move and when they search for something on Google, they don’t want to spend a long time waiting for the results. In fact, out of every person who accesses the internet via a mobile device (like a smartphone or a tablet), nearly one-third of this group considers it to be a complete waste of time if they are trying to access a certain website and it isn’t optimized properly for mobile devices — even if they find the information they were looking for.

Around 40% of all internet users will leave a website if the page takes more than three seconds to load. That’s right — three seconds. There’s no denying that we live in a world where we expect instant results; in this case, if the results take longer than three seconds, a significant number of people will simply shift their attention elsewhere. If so many internet users aren’t willing to wait for more than three seconds for just one page to load, doesn’t it make sense that they aren’t willing to scroll through pages of search results to find what they’re looking for?

And finally, about 52% of mobile internet users claim that they’re more likely to avoid interacting with a business if its mobile web page design is bad. For better or worse, businesses have to pay attention to two different aspects of their web page design these days. Many business owners don’t realize that a successful conventional web page design doesn’t ensure a good mobile web page layout, and others just underestimate the power of the mobile internet.

So what do you think? Mobile internet users are imperative for a business’ success — agree or disagree? Be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section! More.

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