From Website SEO to Social Media Services Here’s What a Professional SEO Service Should Do for Your Small Business

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In today’s business world, not having a website is a killer for small businesses. However, what happens when your business has a website, but no one can find it? Not ranking #1 — or even on page one — on Google means can mean losing valuable business when local web users search for the services you offer. Being on page two or three means that your competitors got that business instead. If this is something that your company is struggling with, you may need website SEO services and other online marketing techniques in order to move past your competitors.

What can a professional SEO service do for your small business? Here are three services you won’t want overlook when you contact a digital marketing agency.

SEO Analysis
SEO consulting can give your business a good idea of what it can do to improve in Google and other search engine rankings. Professional website SEO services will take a look at the keywords used on your website and figure out how to best optimize your page for search engines. This could include the addition of a company blog, the inclusion of more relevant metadata on the page, and even the creation of a comprehensive site map, so search engines can better index your website. Reputable website SEO services will also build quality backlinks to your sites, meaning they’ll appear on blogs and in the news rather than on directories or other low-quality sites.

Search Engine Marketing
In addition to SEO management for your website, you may also want to look into search engine marketing. An SEO and search engine marketing agency will find ways to advertise your business in search engines, developing pay-per-click or similar campaigns. These campaigns put your website above certain search results when users look for information under particular keywords.

Social Media
Today, billion of people use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, so why not use those platforms to reach out to local customers? Social media management services won’t just establish your social media accounts. They can also provide timely updates for them on a regular basis, so your accounts stay active and show real, measurable results. Social media gives your company the potential to reach more internet users (and get more customers into your business) with targeted promotions and native advertising.

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