How to Choose the Best Wall Plates

As you design (or redesign) an audiovisual setup for your church, school, or business, one of the last steps will always include choosing new wall plates. Not much attention is paid to wall plates, but they’re the finishing touch that make your setup both attractive and easy to use. Before you buy bargain basement wall plates, here are three things to consider in order to get the best design.


Some companies argue that metal speaker wall plates are safer because they resist cracking. In addition, a brush wall plate with a unique design is a simple way to elevate the aesthetic of your space. In addition, screwless plates are more expensive and are more likely to fall off. With that said, if you’re outfitting a room that will have a lot of people passing through, you can also consider nylon or thermoplastic wall plate, which is virtually unbreakable.


The size of your wall plate will, of course, vary depending on its features. Adding toggle switches, additional light features, outlets, HDMI cables, and binding posts will require a larger wall plate. Some clever interior designers also suggest using a larger wall plate to hide imperfections or damage to an older wall. If you want to use your speaker wall plate to make an area look more modern, a larger plate is the best route to go.

Additional Features

Very few people require a phone jack on their wall plate anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid looking at other wall plate features. If you’re consistently hosting events (particularly those where you bring in guest speakers or performers), pay close attention to the connections that they need to get set up. HDMI plates are great for speakers who are coming in to give presentations or for those who will consistently be connecting to your wireless. If you’re hosting concerts and musical events, a speaker wall plate will be an excellent fit. You’ll recognize these from their small metal binding posts. These can allow your sound engineer to manage various microphones and inputs to create the best sound. For an advanced sound system setup, a recessed cable plate can keep cables out of view by sending them behind the wall to a sound booth.

Wall plates are a great way to make a your audio setup attractive and easy to use, but at the end of the day, they’re just tools to make your events run smoothly. Talking to a wall plate expert can ensure that you find the right plate for the job, so you can spend less time worrying about the look and performance of your space and more time with your clients, guests, employees, and patrons.

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