Have You Lost the Remote to Your TV? Act Fast!

Insignia remote control replacement

Television is probably the biggest guilty pleasure we indulge in. We know that a lot of it is not necessarily good, as we often become couch potatoes, but it is sometimes too enticing to give up. So, it is no surprise that Americans own more than 115 million TV’s in the U.S., and that the average American spends about 9 years of his or her lifetime watching TV.

But perhaps even more important than a TV is the remote control. On modern televisions, it is not possible to change channels or even turn it on without a remote. Manual buttons are becoming obsolete with the increase in minimalistic flat screens and smart TV’s, and you need a remote to control the device at all.

The problem is that since remotes are wireless, they can be easily lost. And without a remote, you are essentially up the creek without a paddle. The good news is that you can order a TV remote replacement that can arrive within a week, or even a few days if you expedite the shipping. You could get a universal remote in the mean time, but keep in mind that they only perform basic functions, whereas a TV remote control from your TV manufacturer will activate all the features on your set.

If you have a Sony TV, you could head to their website to order a Sony remote control replacement. The same applies to any brand name television. But there are also websites that offer TV remote replacement for lesser and more well-known brand name TV’s. They have Toshiba remote controls, Sharp remotes, Samsung remote controls, and Panasonic replacement remotes, to name a few.

In order to get a replacement, you will need to look on the back of the device that your lost remote was communicating with to get the model number. These websites will not be able to determine the right remote replacement by just the serial number. Also, whether you are using a universal remote or a brand name one, often times you will need a code to program the remote so that it connects with your TV.

So the next time you lose your remote, get online as soon as possible, and have your replacement remote within a few days. You will not want to miss all your favorite TV shows. More.

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