Three Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Social Media Connection

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There are several important things to consider when updating your corporate website design. Obviously, you want your redesigned site to be user friendly and to highlight the services and products you offer. However, there’s an even more crucial aspect that you mustn’t forget to include — a social media marketing connection. Social media has never been more popular and if your business isn’t connected to the most used sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’re missing out on a lot of potential profits from new customers. Here are three reasons why your new corporate website design needs a Facebook link.

Facebook is Where Your Customers Are
There is no denying that Facebook has become a social media giant. In fact, research conducted by the PewResearch Internet Project shows that 71% of adults who are online use Facebook. That’s an enormous pool of potential new customers, and you don’t need a bevy of internet marketing experts to tell you what tapping into that pool can do for your bottom line.

A Facebook Connection Allows You to Connect in Several Ways

Having a connection from your website to Facebook is a lot more complex than just having a top web design company code a “like us on Facebook button.” You need a real way to share information (in the form of blog posts or articles) with customers that leads them back to your main website. Opting for website design packages that link your web page with article and blog post backlinks is always a great option. In addition to showing up on your website and in Facebook news feeds, blog posts and articles can help push your webpage higher in search engine rankings.

Improve Your Search Engine Page Rank

One of the most vital components of online marketing is the ability to have your business listed on the first page of search engine queries. Your page rank can directly affect your profits because

  • over 90% of online shopping begins with a web search
  • almost 43% of people searching for a product or service click the highest rated link
  • most people never search past the first page of results

If your business isn’t listed on the first page of search engine results, you aren’t going to see an increase in customers or profits. having a comprehensive corporate website design that links to a Facebook business page will allow you to connect with an untapped market, share informational articles that boost your search engine rankings, and use backlinks to direct new customers to your webpage.
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