Four Necessary Components of a Strong Website Design

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The internet has made it possible for small businesses to succeed. Creating marketing campaigns for smaller businesses with smaller budgets was once a struggle. Today, these small businesses can create website designs and connect with customers via the internet, in the same way as larger businesses do. Creating a website design that is easy to navigate and find is important. A good website design should have the following characteristics.

Useful, entertaining, and relevant content

There should be a purpose to the website design. Simply designing a website because you need one will not serve your purpose. Instead, it is important to use only quality content on the page. Before you post anything to your website, ask yourself, is it useful? Is it entertaining? Is it relevant to your purpose? Anything that does fall into these categories should not make it to the website. Your goal is to provide a service or useful information that will bring potential customers to your page.

Easy to navigate, both on desktop and mobile

Users get frustrated quickly. If a web page is continually freezing or if the content does not load properly, they will abandon the page. Additionally, your Google rankings can be affected by poor navigation. Websites should be easy to navigate both on a desktop and on a mobile device. More and more customers are browsing the internet primarily on their mobile devices. If a website is not specifically designed for easy mobile use, they are likely to leave and visit another site instead.

Easy to find, based on search terms

Most internet users begin with a search. They go to their favorite internet browser and type their need into the search bar. From here, they browse over a couple of the options and choose the one that they think best fits their needs. The typical internet user rarely clicks past the second or third page of results. This means that you have to ensure that your website lands in the top results. Otherwise, you could have the best content and information, but customers are unable to find you.

This search ability is increased with search engine optimization or SEO. Search marketing involves the placement of specific keywords that fit with Google?s algorithm. When a customer does a search, Google attempts to find the websites that will be of the most relevance to their search. This means that your page needs to have a high volume of relevant terms, content, and resources. In many cases, it can be helpful to outsource professional SEO to increase your rankings.

Increase of customer awareness through other methods

A strong digital marketing campaign includes more than a website. While a website is perhaps, the most important part of the campaign, you also want to pull traffic from other sources. Other sources include email marketing, social media marketing, and text marketing. The internet has opened up a platform of new ways to connect with your customers, both old and new. The strongest digital campaigns include multiple platforms because different customers prefer different forms of communication and to reach the largest percentage of them, you must be involved in other methods too.

With the internet, small businesses have similar competitiveness to larger sized business in similar industries. With a strong website design, relevant and entertaining content, customer awareness through other online methods, and a strong SEO plan, smaller businesses can use the internet to leverage success and growth.

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