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Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, technology has changed expanded in a way that has changed the way that we live our lives. However, while this expansion in technology has brought forth great developments, it has also brought forward some issues. Technology can help businesses store information online in a large database, but this also allows for hackers to engage in cyber theft.

If you run a business then chances are you use technology and the internet very often. 93% of all businesses will use social media for marketing. 95% of all small businesses believe that blogging is an important valuable business tool. If you own a business and want to know how to take care of the internet and your business, then you will need IT security. Here is what you should know about using IT security in conjunction with your business.

The two most popular internet activities across the globe include using search engines and using an email account. 93% of all internet experiences involve someone logging online and using a search engine to look up information on something. If you are a company or a business that uses a blog then you will get way more hits online and thus you will have more traffic for your business. But if you want your blog to be successful you will need some form of IT security.

Facebook is believed to have a larger influence on more than 47% of all internet purchases as opposed to any other social media network according to American consumers themselves. When looking at the first page of search engine results, about 75% of all search engine users will not scroll past that original page. An estimated 60 to 75% of all the entire worldwide search engine market is owned by none other than Google. This is why Google is the most popular search engine on the internet.

About 23% of all people that use the social media platform of Facebook will end up checking their accounts at least five times a day, at a minimum. This is why if you have a business that is active on Facebook you need t have a strong IT security. There are so many people logging into Facebook at all times it can be easy for someone to hack. Get the right tech support, technical consultants, and IT support and IT services.

One-third of all search engine searches are made to be location specific. In the year of 2012, about 25% of all searches were conducted from a mobile device or a smartphone. Thet top driver of traffic to content related websites are search engines with no question. Make sure you hire the right IT security to keep your websites on these search engines to get customers to your site.

Every single day there are 60 billion emails sent to and from different internet users. Just about 97% of all of these emails are actually spam which is dangerous for you, your computer, and your business. Nearly 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected with spam. Even the Federal Government, which is as secure as anything else, can have issues with IT security
The Federal Government, over the past six years, has had an increase in cybersecurity breaches that equates to nearly 680%.

In Conclusion

IT security is one of the most important things that you need for your business especially in the modern age of technology. Even if you are tech savvy you will still need to get a team of engineers into your business to help you moderate your security. You should want to protect yourself, your business, and the security of your business no matter what happens. See this link for more.

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