How to Use Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Choosing a digital marketing firm

Is your company interested in boosting visibility? There are two essential components to increasing traffic and brand awareness for your business. The first step is to make sure your company is using search engine optimization effectively and efficiently. The second step is to utilize all social media platforms to their fullest potential. If your company isn?t already doing these two things, it?s crucial that you hire a digital marketing company to help you get established before taking on these tasks by yourself.

Interested in learning more about search engine optimization and social media platforms? Keep reading to learn all about SEO and social media marketing to become more successful this year.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

If your company has a website or a blog to drive traffic to your website, these both need to be fully optimized. What this means is that consumers need to be able to make search queries in various search engines like Google or Bing that result in your website or blog posts showing up near the top of the first page. Without SEO efforts such as these, your website and blog posts may go unnoticed to the public.

You can?t simply create a brand or a product and hope that consumers come to you. Instead, you must use SEO tactics to bring your products and services to the consumer through search engines. More than half of marketers believe that blogs can be the number one way to bring in consumers if this is made a priority. Once you have a blog, you have to optimize it, though.

Since Google alone has more than 100 million search queries in any given month, you have to make sure every page on your site and every content piece on your blog at optimized to show up when consumers type in specific search queries. Statistics show that if you consistently put out around 16 blogs a month that are fully optimized according to standard SEO practices, you could see your traffic increase 3.5 times more than companies who don?t put forth this type of effort into a blog and creating new content.

Another thing to keep in mind about search engine optimization is that this comes into consideration with your company name, your blog name, and your product names. The more frequently you can use strong keywords in these titles, the more likely you can rank highly for these things. A strong keyword can result in rankings 1.5 times higher than no keyword or a low keyword.

How to Use Social Media Platforms to Your Advantage

Social media is a beneficial way to reach more consumers. By posting to social media, you can increase brand awareness and invisibility quicker than simply posting on your site or your blog and letting it sit. When it comes to the various social media platforms, many believe that Facebook ranks the highest in terms of priority. In fact, more than two-thirds of marketers made this claim, according to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

One way to make use of Facebook as a social media platform is to post a video on your Facebook page. Consumers enjoy watching engaging and informative videos while scrolling on their social media accounts. A report by Animoto?s The State of Social Video 2017 report found that more than 60% of consumers purchased a product or service when they were able to watch a video about it on their Facebook pages.

You can also use social media platforms to engage with your consumers by liking their feedback or posts. They will appreciate that a brand or business they like took time to reach out and engage them on their social media pages. Take it a step further and go out of your way to offer comments, advice, or answer questions when consumers leave them on your page. That way, you’re using social media as a customer service technique, too.

Have you implemented any of these social media marketing strategies or digital marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments whether SEO has helped improved your company?s brand awareness and visibility with consumers.

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