4 Useful Pieces of Advice for Companies Hiring New Executives

Filling empty executive positions in your company is never an easy task. Whether or not you decide to hire from within, you’re in for a series of difficult decisions. This short guide is aimed at helping you along the process of the executive search in hopes of finding the perfect fit for your open position.

1. Use a Firm For Help

Using an executive search consultant service or a talent acquisition management service can be an incredibly quick and effective way to find a suitable hire for an executive role. These executive search companies are similar to staffing agencies except they are focused on placing high level potential employees into the appropriate positions. This search can apply to HR, financial roles or even department head positions, and an executive search agency will likely be able to help.

2. Cast a Wide Net

You never know what kind of interesting people you can meet during an interview. Though you don’t want to waste your time, it can be quite beneficial to interview a diverse and wide range of people for a given position, perhaps even opening your eyes to new aspects of the job and new potential employees, even in other roles.

3. Think About Hiring Within

Nobody knows your company better than the people who already work there. Even if it seems as though nobody jumps out at you right away to fill a given position, take an extra hard look at your existing employees. There may be a special someone out there you might have overlooked. In addition, hiring from within reduces many of the costs associated with a new hire, making it advantageous for another reason.

4. One, Two, Three Times an Interview

Before making your final decision, ideally you will want to have gone through three rounds of interviews: a phone interview, a first interview and a second interview. This will give you several instances to get to know the potential hire, giving you more time to think on the decision and take all factors into account. These executive hires are big decisions that deserve a great deal of time to think on.

Hopefully these tips were helpful in your ongoing executive search. Do you have anything to share in the comments? Feel free to join in down below!

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