Is Your Company in Need of New Executive Leadership Talent?

It was only a look, barely a smile, but it was significant. When you came home from work on Friday you were excited to tell your wife about the small detail that you noticed at the executive meeting that morning. The president and vice presidents, and a couple other members of the leadership team, meet once a week to recap old events and strategize upcoming events.

At today’s meeting someone mentioned the upcoming need for an official chief technical officer (CTO). As the comment was made you, who now in the role of vice president in charge of special projects, noticed one of the key leaders in the company smile and look your way. It was subtle, but you came home from work even more excited than normal. Whether or not there was an upcoming promotion, you know that the decision to visit with executive HR search firms three years ago has paid off. This new position at a new company is far more than you ever expected. You realize that the human resources recruiters you met with knew what they were looking for and had found you a good match.

Even though you were not looking for a new position at the time, one of the executive HR search firms presented you with an opportunity that was too good to pass up.
Executive Search Firms Provide Opportunities for Both Companies and Job Candidates

In today’s face paced work force, where predictions continue to indicate that the jobs of the future are not even know now, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of companies that find themselves in search of top candidates for a variety of openings. In fact, restructuring consulting firms are often working in conjunction with the top
executive HR search firms to not only create the positions that are needed in some organizations, but to also find people to fill those positions.

In addition to finding the right match for any available openings, many HR firms also work with their clients to make sure that they are able to keep their new hires and current employers on staff. It should come as no surprise to know that replacing an employee is expensive and so it is in a company’s best interest if it can not only find, but also retain, the best talent. One alarming statistic is that as many as 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs at the end of June 2015. This number represented a 25% increase compared to 2013 and it is an indicator of how important it is for company’s to understand what it takes to keep talented individuals on staff.

With six in 10 open to a new job at any given time, a 2016 Gallup poll has named Millennials the “Job Hopping Generation.” More than any other generation, this group seems more wiling to leave for a new position at a new company than any other generation.

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