Making Use of Cables at the Office and Home

It is safe to say that today’s world is indeed a wired world, as some call it, and this is often literally true. While wireless technology is useful for using a laptop on the go or using a smart phone, cables such as cat5e cables, cat6 cables, bulk USB cables, and more are quite effective for connecting all sorts of electrical devices together for work and play. In fact, in many settings these cables, such as a ethernet network, are preferable over wireless tech, since too many wireless devices might interfere with one another. By contrast, cables, such as those in an ethernet network, will allow for a secure and private transmission of data, interference-free. A 100 ft HDMI cable us a great choice for plugging an HD TV into something such as a game console or laptop, and an ethernet network at the office is made possible with a router and ethernet cables. When assemContinue reading

What Cables Are Capable of in the Office and Home

It is often said that we live in a wired world, and this is easy to see. Many modern devices such as desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, and even video game consoles can and often are plugged into not just electrical sockets, but each other and Internet routers, too. These cables, such as cat5 cables or cat6 cables or bulk fiber optic cables, allow for a strong and secure Internet connection. Wireless options exist and have their uses, but if someone is not on the go, then they may prefer to use bulk USB cables, Ethernet cables, and the like to stay connected to the Internet and other devices. Smart phones can be plugged in, too, and modern phones nearly always come with cell phone cables in their packaging. Such cell phone cables allow a smart phone to be plugged into other devices for data sharing and recharging their batteries.

Cables at Home

Many AmeContinue reading