What is the iPhone USB-C Law?

There is a new law in Europe that you should know about if you are a technology user (and who isn’t?). This is the iPhone USB-C law that requires that all electronic devices will need to support USB-C charging for devices that are sold and distributed anywhere in the EU. This means that phones such as iPhones will need to make sure they are getting in line with the new laws and making sure they are providing their customers with the ability to charge their phones the way that they want to.

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It is so important that consumers have the opportunity to charge their phones the way that they need to. The standardization of the charging port is a great way to make sure there aren’t major disputes between how the different phones need to be charged. In other words, the phones can be charged via the same plugs that are used for other electronic devices. There doesn’t need to be this massive scramble to find the specific chargers that you need for every electronic devices that you are trying to charge at this time. This law will make it easier on everyone in the EU.


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