How to Choose the Best Wall Plates

As you design (or redesign) an audiovisual setup for your church, school, or business, one of the last steps will always include choosing new wall plates. Not much attention is paid to wall plates, but they’re the finishing touch that make your setup both attractive and easy to use. Before you buy bargain basement wall plates, here are three things to consider in order to get the best design.


Some companies argue that metal speaker wall plates are safer because they resist cracking. In addition, a brush wall plate with a unique design is a simple way to elevate the aesthetic of your space. In addition, screwless plates are more expensive and are more likely to fall off. With that said, if you’re outfitting a room that will have a lot of people passing through, you can also consider nylon or thermoplastic wall plate, which is virtually unbreakable.


The size of your wall plate will, of course, vary depending on its features. Adding toggle switcContinue reading

Why You Should Use GMP Storage

Here in the United States, we’re responsible for almost half of the pharmaceutical market, on a global scale and we’re also globally the largest national producer of chemical products. Chemical companies employ over 800,000 people (this includes the pharmaceutical division as well) and are an important part of the overall industry and manufacturing in the country. However, the materials they’re working with need to be safe for public use or exposure. This oversight is controlled by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and regulations are often grouped under GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP quality assurance and GMP quality control ensure that consumers only receive products that are safe and effective to use. If these guidelines aren’t followed, there can be deadly consequences — like in 2012, when almost 50 people died because of a fungal meningitis outbreak that originated at a pharmacy in tContinue reading

Four Reasons Why Your Company Needs To Digitally Scan Documents

Even as the average workplace increasingly becomes more digital, documents still play an important role.

There are more than four trillion paper documents in the United States alone and they are growing at a rate of 22 percent a year. Even as users send and receive an average of 133 e-mail messages per day, employees still need documents. The average document in the workplace is photocopied 19 times and professionals spent 50 percent of their time searching for information and an average of 18 minutes to locate a document.

Clearly, paper documents still play an important role in business, but as more time passes businesses will always be looking for ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently. Digital scanning services can help businesses accomplish both things, putting documents at the fingertips of employees rather than being hidden away in file cabinets.

Whether you’re looked to convert microfiche, microfilm or scan paper documents, digitial scanning can help. HereContinue reading