Using Mesh Conveyor Belt

The food industry makes use of a lot of machines and hardware, from dough cutting sheets to mechanized meat tenderizers. In addition to those machines, a plastic mesh conveyor belt can do a lot of good for preparing food or its ingredients, from flour to seeds and beyond. A plastic mesh conveyor belt won’t work as well for an oven, though; a fine metal wire mesh may be used for that instead, and a plastic mesh conveyor belt is better used as a filter belt. Liquid filters, juice filter cloths, and more are used in the food industry as well, and any business owner may need to get some repair and maintenance done on their conveyor belts to keep them in fine shape. A new bakery or kitchen will need all kinds of food-preparing hardware from a plastic mesh conveyor belt to meat tenderizers to dough sheeters.

Mesh Belts

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Interesting Ways to Use Wire Mesh in Your Home

Introducing a new texture or material into your interior design is always a great way to freshen up the look of your home. Stainless steel mesh, for example can work as an interesting addition to any space in your home. Here are a few ways to incorporate metal fabrics into your interior design plans.

Using Mesh Around Lighting

One way to bring decorative mesh screens into a room is to use it to cover sources of light, such as lamps or a curtain over a window. The great thing about decorative stainless steel mesh is that it enhances the light that it is covering, which means that it actually adds lighting to your space.

Stainless steel mesh fabric works great as a way to cover windows because they add privacy by making it difficult for people to see through the windows, but they still allow natural light in. This makes adding wire mesh to your lighting sources a beneficial move on all accounts.
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