What Are Structured Technology Services, and How Can They Help Your Business?

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Moving further into the Internet Age, one of the most important things for any business is being able to harness and take advantage of modern technology. Consider, if you’re a business specializing in eCommerce, you need a well-built website and a great web hosting service that can help you gain access to the $1.25 trillion spent on eCommerce annually, according to Internet Retailer. Whatever your IT needs going forward, whether you need improved security, eCommerce solutions, or a reliable web host, structured technology services are your best bet.

What Are Structured Technology Services?
Structured technology services, also commonly referred to as managed IT services, specialize in taking over the implementation, management, and problem solving for clients’ information technology needs, as defined by SmallBusinessComputing.com. These services can take the form of managed technologies, as is the case in offsite server hosting, managed software, like cloud-based business applications, and services, as is most often the case in outsourced customer service. Two types of structured technology services are becoming increasingly popular and important as time goes on.

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • VOIP service providers are quickly becoming the most used small business IT services in the world for two main reasons: convenience and savings. VOIP is convenient in that it requires very little technology on the end of businesses. Installing software and a few compatible phone sets means having complete access to this constantly evolving technology. Further, as About.com writes, VOIP is far more cost-effective than traditional land-line- based small business phone systems, saving businesses up to 40% on domestic calls and 90% on international calls.

  • Web Hosting
  • High quality web hosting is a must for any business, regardless of their size. HongKiat, a web-based tech magazine, points out that price, technological capabilities, and reliability are all key factors in having a successful, accessible webpage. The problem? Most small businesses can’t afford to run a dedicated server for hosting their own site reliably. The best web hosting services have up-times of 99.999%, constantly upgrade their technology without passing the costs onto their clients, and are able to grow as client needs do.

Structured technology services will only become more important going forward. Whether you need cheaper, more reliable phone service or a web host that cares as much about reliability as you do, the best place to find the IT help you need is with structured technology services.

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