Tips to Create a Successful Website Redesign Strategy

Website redesign project

In today’s age, businesses must develop increasingly nuanced marketing strategies in order to stay competitive. A business’ website ought to be the jewel in their digital marketing crown with easy-to-navigate options and a stylish look that draws customers in. The truth is, many consumers see a business’ website as a summary of not only the business’ products or services, but the very way in which they operate their business. With a little help, any business’ site can look as though it were meticulously designed by an expert web designer.

The Digital Frontier

Although the internet has been around for a few decades, the actual practice of representing a business is far from a perfected science. Since competition is the driving force for progress across the corporate landscape, it only makes sense that businesses ought to be in a consistent state of improvement as they fight for consumer interest. Despite this very basic understanding, only 55% of companies invest in any kind of online user experience testing; these are the companies that fail to realize that consumers decide within 10 seconds of visiting a website whether or not they want to make a purchase from that company.

Mobile Compatibility

From the palm of our hands we have access to an archive of digital knowledge; mobile devices have changed the very way that we live. Designing an attractive and informative website can be a challenge, especially when you are doing so with mobile devices in mind. Nearly 80% of consumers shop using their smartphones and 48% of those users have stated that businesses who do not have mobile-friendly sites must not care enough about their customer base. Having a mobile-friendly website not only helps consumers navigate and learn about your company, but nearly half of mobile searches are used to find local results thereby potentially aiding your company in attracting new customers.

Integrating a Website Redesign Strategy

When integrating a website redesign strategy, businesses should consider how they draw web traffic towards their sites. Many hire a SEO company (search engine optimization) to develop engaging material that will attract customers who use search engines. Since most users only read up to a quarter of the content they view on the web, part of your website redesign strategy should help to ensure that your website is included in that quarter. Update your website and stop missing out on the customers trying to reach out to you.

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