Thinking About Investing in Advertising? Here are Five Reasons to Look Into SEO

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One of the best things that you can do to help people find your site is through the use of internet marketing and the services of a search engine optimisation agency. Whether you are looking for the top website design companies to help you rehaul your website, advertising agencies online to help you promote your newly redesigned website, or you need to find the best seo agencies to help you raise your Google rankings, here are a few facts and statistics that you should be aware of before you look to hire anyone to help you.

1. Email marketing, which you can often do through an SEO company, generally returns about 45 dollars in profit for every single dollar that is spent.

2. Companies that blog, be it through hiring a search engine optimisation agency to help you do it or you do it on your own, at least 15 times a month get as many as five times the website traffic than those who do not blog. If you are still on the fence over the importance of these kinds of things, think of all the extra potential revenue you could be getting as a result of those extra site traffic.

3. Around 67 percent of consumers claim the quality of a product photo is extremely important to them in terms of making purchases. The better the photo they are able to see, the better they are able to decide whether they are interested in the product.

4. Did you know that websites which feature videos are 50 percent more likely to be ranked higher on search engines like Google? You might want to look into hiring a professional SEO agency that can help you to take advantage of this fact.

5. Internet marketing companies work with clients to increase online visibility, search engine rankings, and website quality. See this link for more references.

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  1. i have to say that i do not really think that it would be really great of these kinds of things were not really all that important. i think that all of this kind of stuff really is the worst and i think that it is really just a pain.

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