Protect Your Business by Learning to Reduce Clean Room Fire Hazards

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Maintaining an in-house server solution comes with a number of benefits. Running your own IT infrastructure means giving yourself the ability to deal with any problems as they arise and expand your IT power as needed, all while hosting a website, protecting your data, and managing everything else that helps ensure success in this digital age.

What you might not know, however, is that in-house servers present significant fire hazards to your business. Just the amount of heat server rack shelves can put off can be enough to cause a problem. That being said, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your employees, your investment, and your IT infrastructure.

Three Tips for Reducing Server Room Fire Hazards

  1. Choose Server Rack Enclosures with the Right Power Ratings
  2. One of the simplest things you can do to reduce the chance of a fire is to choose the right server rack enclosures. You should always choose your server rack cases depending on the power needs and capacity of each rack. A server setup that requires more power than its server rack enclosure can give can short circuit, but it can also lead to a serious fire. If you need help choosing the right server rack enclosure, talk to your provider about your specific system specifications.

  3. Tie Your Server to an Emergency Power Function
  4. As SpiceWorks, a business software and hardware review and analytics site, writes, you should always set up an emergency power off (EPO) function to work with your servers. If sensors detect that the temperature is reaching dangerous levels in your clean room, the breaker will flip and your servers will shut down. An EPO is a great option for not only stopping a fire but fixing the issue before the sprinklers turn on and ruin your hardware.

  5. Hire a Risk-Assessment Firm
  6. For CableOrganizer, a popular how-to website, there are few better ways to avoid dangerous flames than by hiring a risk-assessment firm. Risk-assessment companies can come to your business and look for vulnerabilities and hazards, recommending and helping to implement fail-safes to keep your business and your workers safe. If you don’t feel like spending the money for a risk-analysis firm, contact your local fire marshal. He or she can give you an assessment, without the hefty price-tag.

Maintaining IT in-house should only ever bring rewards, not risks, to your business. Follow these steps to reducing fire hazards and you make sure that that remains the case. Visit here for more:

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