Police Car Video Cameras The Best Chance at High Quality Law Enforcement

In car dash camera

More police officers are turning toward vehicle camera systems to help them do their job. These in car cameras are designed to capture video of what happens in front of and behind a police car, as well as the interior of the vehicle. This allows police officers to review video if they are unsure about the details of an arrest or traffic ticket.

Here are a few more advantages of police car vehicle camera systems.

  • Easy Viewing. According to the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), video recording was introduced back in the 1960’s, but could not be mounted into police cars easily. As the technology advanced, the recording went from VHS tapes, to CD’s, and can now be installed using wireless devices. Police officers can also watch these tapes remotely if needed. Many of these camera systems come in high definition as well, making viewing easier and clearer, which could lead to higher quality policing.
  • Altering Media Perceptions. As the year 2000 approached, COPS explains that police officers were increasingly being accused of racial profiling, allegedly arresting and questioning people of a particular race or ethnicity. These claims were exacerbated by the media, with newspapers and other mediums pointing fingers at law enforcement. While these issues have decreased in recent years, they have not been erased entirely. Police car camera systems could be one of the best ways for officers to defend their actions, and make their intentions transparent.
  • Training. With new officers on the force, police car video cameras provide some of the best training material. In school, police officers are only exposed to a limited degree of real life experience, and it is difficult to train a rookie cop on how to handle a variety of situations. More experienced officers can share their video footage during training sessions for these new cops to get a better idea of the types of arrests or stops they will have to make on a regular basis, as well as more complicated ones.

More than 75% of police cars now have in car video cameras. With the help of these systems, police officers can be held accountable for their actions, and also help reduce negative perceptions of law enforcement. Ultimately, the result of these cameras is high quality safety for all citizens, and a superior police force.

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