Planning to Grow Your Business? Find Out More About Magnetic ID Card Readers and Other Scanning Technologies

Magnetic card scanner

There are a variety of cards and documents that are used for identification, purchasing, tracking, and other purposes. Given this, it was inevitable that scanning technologies would be further developed for more efficient and effective usage. Furthermore, these devices are able to save time and streamline productivity in a variety of work environments.

Magnetic ID Card Reader

There are a large number of cards that now use magnetic strips to contain important information. These magnetic strips can store approximately 60 characters, and may include a person’s name and account number as well as other types of vital information.

Credit cards, store membership cards, state identification cards, library cards, and printing cards are just a few of the types of cards that use this technology. In order to read these magnetic strips, however, a magnetic ID card reader is needed.

Lottery Ticket Scanners

These machines are usually located wherever people are able to purchase lottery, or lotto, tickets. Store clerks used to have to scan these tickets on behalf of customers. Now, however, customers are able to scan their own tickets on tabletop scanners.

While scratchers are also popular, almost 50% of American adults reported that they purchased at least 1 state lottery ticket within the last year.

Credit Card Readers

Many people use credit cards to make regular purchases or to have on hand in case of emergencies. Approximately 7 out of every 10 people in the United States own at least 1 credit card, while others may have several.

A 2014 consumer survey revealed that 43% of its participants prefer to use their debit card to make purchases. Credit cards were the preferred payment method for 35% of the survey participants. Whether customers opt to use their debit or credit card, this purchase method has become quite prevalent. Credit card readers can simplify the purchasing process for merchants as well as customers.

Proper Technology for Field Service Workers

When workers are out in the field, it’s important for them to have the right technology. In addition to increasing efficiency, it can also provide other benefits.

These technologies have been shown to be performance-enhancing for the companies that use them:

  • Barcode scanning: 34%
  • Mobile payment options: 23%
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): 17%

More companies are planning to invest in RFID, according to a Peerless Research Group study conducted in 2016. They found that 38% of the growing companies were planning to invest in this technology over the next 12 months.

In addition to the above devices, such as magnetic ID card readers, your business may benefit from using an industrial document scanner or another type of scanning device. When you contact a distributor to learn more about how these technologies can streamline your business operations, they will be able to provide you with additional information.

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