Knowledge, Tech and Customization in a Pharmaceutical Storage Facility

Choosing the right pharmaceutical storage facility can be a daunting challenge. After all, a lot is riding on you making the right decision. When a storage facility works for you and your projects, it is an incredible asset. However, if something goes wrong, it transforms, overnight, into an instant liability. So what kinds of things should you look for when searching for a pharmaceutical storage facility? Here is a brief list of some of the most important boxes to check as you interview your various options.

State of the Art is More Than a “Luxurious” Option

In many cases, when we hear the term “state of the art,” we presume that the features of the facility or product are a bunch of cool little extras that we don’t necessarily need—luxury items, in other words. However, when it comes to a pharmaceutical storage facility, state of the art needs to be something you demand. Why? Because the cutting edge of medical storage technology is going to be necessary when you are dealing with such valuable products and materials. Because things are changing at such a fast pace, any facility that is not dedicated to having the best technology and cutting edge methods of cold storage is quickly going to be an insufficient solution. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a contract with a pharmaceutical storage facility that is lagging behind the times while your competition edges past you due to having superior pharmaceutical sample management.

Another reason why it’s important to demand the top technologies from your pharmaceutical storage facility is you need every advantage you can get. The ability to store materials longer is very much dependent on how advance the storage technology is. Also, the stability of the materials being stored is going to be directly proportionate to the strength of the technology used.

You Need a Customized Solution

A customized solution is another thing people often feel is an interesting, yet unnecessary perk. This could not be further from the truth when it comes to a pharmaceutical storage facility. Every material is different, but not necessarily because it has a different composition. No, each material is different in the context of how it’s going to be used. The length of time that a material is stored is going to vary wildly from project to project. This is determined by the project’s needs. Pharmaceutical storage facilities need to be able to adapt to these individual needs. This takes an immense amount of knowledge.

Depth of Knowledge Is a Must

Even if you have the data you feel will give a biological pharmaceutical facility the info it needs to properly meet your storage needs, having techs with the right types of knowledge and proven expertise on your side is an invaluable resource. Things invariably change, and there’s no way to predict the kinds of changes that may come about. The ability to adapt to change and even find opportunities in the process can only be developed with adequate experience. This takes year of having a practice of delivering quality services under a range of different—and changing—conditions. For this reason, you are going to want to make sure that not only is the quality of service important, but so is the depth of knowledge possessed by those who work in and manage a pharmaceutical storage facility. The best way to get an idea as to the level of expertise of those associated with a storage facility is to have a brief meeting. If that’s not possible given a busy schedule, a ph0one conference can be arranged. Beforehand, devise a list of questions you need answered. Listen carefully as the person on the other line answers the questions. But also pay attention to how he or she reacts when there is something he or she doesn’t know. Do they have the humility to admit it and ask for help, or perhaps promise to get back to you with an answer, or do they try to cowboy through it, hoping you won’t notice their lack of knowledge? Listen carefully, and you will see the signs of a truly knowledgeable staff and one that is simply managing a place on the strength of startup money.

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