Hot Aisle Containment Solutions That Work Effortlessly!

Your data center is rife with cooling and power challenges. Hot aisle containment solutions can help you to better manage your cooling and power containment needs. Consider that 50 KW of power generated requires more than 100KW of cooling power to ensure ideal temperature is maintained.

It is imperative that you have hot aisle containment systems in place that deliver the reliable solutions that you need. Avoiding wasted energy starts with a containment system that is designed for efficiency.

Effective Air Flow Management

One of the keys to effective hot aisle containment is an effective air flow design. Data centers require efficient air flow measures to ensure that optimal temperature is always present. The right hot or cold aisle containment utilizes a design that ensure hot air is pulled away while cool air is filtered in.

The average power is about 4 to 8 KW per server rack with some data centers exceeding that easily and generating about 10 to 20 KW per data rack. The amount of heat output from this type of energy consumption can be tremendous. Containment systems ensure that the heat is pulled away cooled and returned.

Protecting the Investment

One of the most important steps you can take for your data center is to ensure that your equipment is protected. Achieving that protection starts with having a data center containment solution that delivers exceptional protection.

Delivering the reliable services that your client depends on starts with having the data center products on board that you can depend on for reliability. With the right hot aisle containment solution, you can worry less about interruptions in data services. Of course, there is the added benefit of protecting your investment as well.

The Right Solution Keeps Costs in Check

Having the reliable equipment installed that you can rely on can help to cut costs. Replacement costs for servers and more can be offset by taking care of the equipment you have now. With an efficient hot aisle containment system, you can also see some energy savings.

Choose a reliable system that will deliver the dependable protection that you can depend on!

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