Is Carbon Fiber Good For The Environment?

Carbon fiber manufacturing is expensive because of its energy-intensive process. After all, a lot of effort goes into crafting such durable, strong carbon fiber products. Carbon fiber prototypes can offer 10 times the strength of steal at nearly half the weight, and this material has revolutionized a number of industries. As such, it makes sense why you should only rely on an experienced carbon fiber prototyping services when you invest in a pricier product.

Though a lot of energy is needed to craft a product, carbon fiber is actually more eco-friendly than a lot of other product alternatives. Here are some benefits of choosing to craft a carbon fiber prototype over other materials.

Carbon fiber is recyclable
Carbon fiber is set apart by its ability to be recycled. Are you unhappy with your carbon fiber prototype? Carbon fiber manufacturing services will break down your prototype and reuse this material in future carbon fiber engineering products.

Carbon fiber is recycled thanks to a variety of methods. The most common method of harvesting reusable carbon fiber is through pyrolysis where intense heat dissolves the epoxy resin and the carbon fiber is collected. However, solvolysis is another popular method to recycle carbon fiber prototypes and designs. This solvent then dissolves the resin on the outer layers through batch processing in order to reuse the fibers.

It lasts a long time
Metals, like steel and aluminum, will inevitably corrode, releasing toxic materials into the surrounding environment. On top of that, some metals are more difficult to recycle than carbon fiber, putting carbon fiber a step ahead on environmental sustainability.

But carbon fiber materials have another benefit over some metals; they can last a long time. Carbon fiber manufacturing spans a range of industries thanks to their non-corrosive qualities. They also don’t degrade over time, nor will they rust or fatigue under duress. This gives it a long lifespan, reducing the need for constant replacements over time.

It’s light
Some carbon fiber manufacturing companies have delved into large industries, like aerospace engineering, car manufacturing, and more. Though your prototype is not nearly as enormous, carbon fiber is positively changing the face of fuel-based industries. Because carbon fiber is half the weight of steel and has 10 times the strength, automobiles have become lighter and safer. This means that less fuel is used, helping the environment in turn.

The benefits of carbon fiber are truly endless. When you want to engage with a quality carbon fiber manufacturing company, rely on the experience of Element 6 Composites today.

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