How Using Direct Mail Can Help Your Business Grow

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Even in today’s technology savvy age, there may be some wisdom to keeping it old school. Posters or banners that use large format printing can attract customers quickly. Printing companies are still a necessary tool in sales and marketing and printing services are always needed. If you think the postal service is a dying business, you should know that over 60% of Americans reported that they still love checking their mailbox for physical mail. Print mail isn’t just for fun though–it can be an excellent way to sell your product or promote your company. Did you know that a little under three-quarters of consumers in the United States prefer receiving direct mail for for communications about brands? This is because they say they can read it over at their leisure, instead of feeling rushed. Large format printing is also useful if you need to attract attention or promote more widely.
Why Direct Mail Is Still So Important
Although email and other Internet-driven marketing strategies also play a crucial role in targeting customers, direct mail and things like physical banners that use large format printing are also important, and shouldn’t be forgotten in modern marketing strategies. Direct mail can be everything from colorful information brochures or ads, to small promotional gifts like calendars, pens, etc. In fact, a little less than 85% of people mentioned that they remember a company’s name if they receive a promotional gift that has the company’s logo somewhere on it.
Direct mail provides a tangible item that consumers have to pick up to even throw out–and if your mail piece is catchy enough, they might even find themselves reading it. Additionally, direct mail tends to stay in a house longer, out on the counter or on a table, and there’s a chance more people in the household will end up reading and consuming the intended information. Indeed, over 75% of small businesses report that their ideal marketing tool uses both print and digital communication working together. Just make sure you have an excellent design and an easy way for customers to access your information and products, and you should be golden.
Why Use Large Format Printing?
Large format printing can attract customers to your business if they’re strolling around the streets. A banner that uses large format printing, hung in front of your store advertising deals, specials, or even some highlights that your store offers is a great way to bring customers in your front door. If you’re heading to a trade show or conference, large format printing can offer high resolution pictures of your products or materials and make your company look professional.
Large format printing companies are everywhere–just do a quick Internet search and you’re sure to find a company that can give you what you need in no time. Additionally, if you’re looking to use large format printing for a banner, outdoor advertising actually ends up costing 80% less than television advertising, 60% less than putting an ad in the newspaper, and 50% than broadcasting it using the radio. How’s that for a good deal?
If you’re trying to brainstorm new marketing ideas, don’t leave direct mail marketing or large format printing behind. Although it may seem old-fashioned, it still has a lot of power.

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