How to Prevent a Data Breach

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On average, the cost of a data breach reached $3.5 million since 2014, an increase of 15%. Having your information compromised can lead to feelings of anger, frustration, and stress. You want your information to stay safe because compromising it can have drastic implications. Here are some simple ways to prevent data breaches and improve managed services benefits.

First, keep only what you need. Dispose of any old information that isn’t relevant or accurate anymore. Reducing the volume of what needs to be contained will limit the amount of damage done in the event of a security breach.

Securing your computers is another method of protecting your valuable data. Set it up so that your computer requires a password to access specific files and documents. Don’t give out company info or passwords to temporary employees and always perform background checks. You can never be too safe.

Try to avoid using social security numbers as an identifier in the workplace. There are countless other methods that provide the same results without the risks.

Train your employees to protect their data and the company’s important documents. Establish a thorough written policy that fully explains the specific steps and procedures that should be taken to retain and protect information. Educate your employees about which information may be sensitive and should never be compromised, and emphasize that it is their responsibility to protect valuable company info.

Make sure your security information software is kept up-to-date. An old version of software can be easily hacked and broken into, leaving your valuable information at risk. Eliminate this possibility completely by immediately updating to a newer version of security software as soon as it becomes available.

Finally, control the use of portable media in your workplace. While USBs and flash drives are certainly useful and convenient for sharing data quickly and easily, they can also be easily intercepted, lost, or stolen. They can also wreak havoc on personal data if they were to fall into the wrong hands. One untrustworthy employee could do irreparable damage. Protect yourself and your company’s assets by restricting the use of portable media and allowing only encrypted data to be downloaded onto any given portable storage device. Find the best managed IT services NYC has to offer.

A managed services model and managed services benefits should always protect your data. For more data breach protection tips, contact a professional. Research more like this. To learn more, read this.

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