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A functional and engaging web design is important in today?s world to be a successful business. The businesses with the largest internet presence and customer base have the most advanced designs of web pages. Users visit sometimes hundreds of different web pages in one day, constantly comparing each page to previous ones. A company can lose out on business by not updating or building a web page that is professional and easy to use. The following factors should be a part of every web page that you use for your business.

The web development should be safe and secure. In 2013, US mobile commerce revenue amounted to more than 38 billion US dollars. People are shopping online, more than ever. However, with constant security and data breaches, customers are only shopping at online retailers that they trust. Some customers may even avoid a big name retailer, if their webpage shopping cart is a cause for concern.

Customers want to feel safe when they provide a business with their credit card or banking information. They also want to feel like that information is not being saved or stored anywhere in the company. Most online shoppers only find it acceptable to utilize a customer?s payment information once. Nearly half (46%) of people say a website?s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company. A professional web design can improve the overall look of the checkout process.

Ensure that the web design is error free. As mentioned, customers are always checking a web design for any errors. The smallest of errors can prevent a customer from shopping from an online retailer. There are simply too many other shopping options available for an online shopper to take the risk. Use a professional web development company to reduce any errors in web design. Also, ensure that the website content is regularly edited for any errors that could also ruin the integrity of the business.

Brand your web design. Some companies may be hesitant to brand their business webpage with the name of the web development company. This can be helpful, however, as customers can see who the developer is. A Magento web design, for example, notifies customers that the web design is one of Magento websites and that it is both professional and can be trusted for E commerce services. Branding offers customers with a sense of familiarity and recognition.

Spend the investment of professional web development for repeat customers. Businesses succeed on repeat customers. In fact, it is 7X more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. That is why it is extremely important to make each and every customer?s experience the best. This includes exceptional and safe web development.

Smaller and medium sized businesses may be tempted to save money on the web development of their webpage. This can be a huge financial mistake though. Spending the extra money to ensure that current customers return will reduce the cost of new customer acquisition, which, as mentioned, can be much more expensive. Sometimes spending the initial investment is a better financial decision than attempting to gain new customers, which will increase the marketing and customer service costs.

Online shopping is a new shopping trend in our country, and it does not seem to be going anywhere soon. The convenience is unparalleled to any other type of shopping experience. However, this also means that the competition is greater. Online shopping customers expect a great web design with a secure and safe transaction process. If they do not receive this, they are willing to try another online retailer. A company will generally find more value in increasing their web development budget than in cutting costs and attempting to find a way to attract new customers.

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