5 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Radiation

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The best way that you can take care of people that you love is to protect them. This might be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more often than not, physically. There are elements in the world that you can physically see they need protecting from like bullies, thieves and the like and then there are elements that you cannot see. Radiation is one of these elements. You cannot see these advanced composites with the naked eye. Radiation shielding materials are some of the best presents that you can give your loved ones. Here are some composite manufacturing radiation shielding materials that you might be interested in investing it for yourself or those you love.

Radiation Jewelry
This could be anything from a necklace to bracelets, anklets, earrings and more. These intricate composite molding devices offer a sort of shield around the wearer so that they don’t have to worry about the amount of radiation that they are being exposed to. Of course, this type of gift would only work for a family member that enjoys wearing accessories. They can be made into very attractive pieces of jewelry so once you find the family member that would enjoy one, make sure you have it made to their style.

Radiation Detection Devices
There are watches that will sound an alarm once the settings are in place if the wearer is being exposed to too much radiation. Watches and wallet cards are probably the easiest to carry on your person at all time. These gifts work better for those who are not going to wear any piece of jewelry. While it doesn’t protect you for radiation, it will warn you that it’s time to get away from the specific area that you are approaching.

Window Shields and Screens
You should wear the right jewelry and clothing and warning systems but if your neighbors aren’t adhering to radiation protection, then all the radiation shielding materials in the world aren’t going to completely keep radiation away. This is where window screens come in. You can install radiation protection screens and shields that are see through so that you can still open the windows and doors to allow the fresh air and light to come into your home without having to be exposed to all the radiation that is in the atmosphere around your neighborhood..

Radiation Clothing
Fill up your family’s closets with clothes that are radiation proof. Of course, you’ll need to do this a little at a time and it would probably be a good idea to allow them to pick out their own clothes. But, if you offer to buy them, there’s no way that they are going to tell you no. Who doesn’t want new clothes? Even if they don’t believe in the whole radiation thing, they probably are not going to turn down an offer to buy a whole new wardrobe. Of course, you’ll have to do the research and find out where radiation protection clothing can be bought. They don’t need to wear hazmat suits everywhere. Regular clothes can be made with radiation protection lining that will shield them from the radiation out in the world.

Good Advice
You need to be honest with your family. Let them know how bad WiFi is for them and how the electronics that they have could be hurting them. They don’t have to just get rid of everything. Replacing cordless devices with ones that have cords and turning off appliances when they aren’t in use can be very helpful in reducing the amount of radiation that everyone is exposed to.

You have to be prepared that you might not get a good reaction from your loved ones at first. Not everyone understands what a problem radiation can me and how important radiation shielding materials are. You could be in composite engineering and others would think they still know better. However, with loving persistence and explanation, you might just be able to win them over. At least, you might be able to convince them to wear your gift. Even if they’re just agreeing to appease you or not hurt your feelings, at least they’re being protected. At the end of the day, their protection is all that matters.

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