How Direct Response Marketing and SEO Can Help You Market Your Business

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An estimated 82.6% of internet users utilize search engines, with an estimated 93% of online experiences starting with the use of a search engine. As a business owner, it is therefore logical to want to ensure that search engine results are directing potential customers and clients to your website and services. However, with an industry estimated to be worth $16 billion in revenue, it isn’t always easy to stand out amid other companies and search listings in your area. Fortunately, by using digital marketing services like direct response and search engine optimization, it is possible to improve your website’s search ranking to better reach potential customers. But what is direct response marketing? What is search engine optimization?

To answer the first question, “what is direct response marketing”, direct response marketing is a term used to describe both real world and digital marketing strategies which are designed to generate an immediate response from consumers, such as pay per click programs, interactive websites, billboards and fliers. Companies generally prefer direct response marketing because they can easily track how effective their techniques are in drawing in customers. However, with clients steadily turning to the internet, particularly search engines, as a way to research products and companies, investing in search engine optimization is often also a valuable part of digital marketing solutions.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a method in which businesses can increase their search ranking by adding high quality content to their websites. This has a definitive advantage over paid online advertisements, as an estimated 79% of search engine users say they always choose natural links provided by search engines, rather than the paid links. Therefore, by producing organic content, websites can draw in potential customers: companies that run blogs have an estimated 434% more indexed pages that do not. Additionally, Marketing Sherpa reports that content distribution leads to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic. And while direct response marketing is known for being able to clearly demonstrate its effect, statistics show that SEO leads are also a profitable marketing strategy: SEO leads have an estimated 14.6% close rate, while outbound direct advertisements leads, such as direct mail or email, only has a 1.7% close rate.

An effective marketing strategy is one that utilizes a variety of methods to work within the current market and draw in customers. In the modern world, this inevitably means using internet marketing to appeal to the high numbers of customers who are increasingly turning to the internet to make purchasing decisions. And to formulate such a marketing strategy, it is often recommended that you speak to a digital marketing specialist: whether you need an answer to the question “what is direct response marketing” or want to discuss SEO, website design and hosting, digital marketing agencies can help answer your questions and create a way to market to your customers online. More info like this.

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