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Most companies have digital media accounts and use them but not all of them have a plan for it. At least half of the companies who use social media have no plan. They say that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. About 78% of companies have a team of workers working on social media. This is from 2015. This is an increase in that data from 2012, when it was 67%. Finding the ad agency to help with your digital strategy can make a real difference in how you successful you are with that campaign. Here are ad agency tips for getting the right one.

  1. Decide what you want from your ad agency. If you are not clear on what you will accomplish by working with an advertising agency, your ad campaign will fail. Many businesses like the idea of an ad agency working with them but do not have a handle on what they want to get out of it. When you are not sure what you want, you have a higher success rate than when you do not.
  2. Pick and agency who asks a lot of questions. You need to know that the agency understand your business and your goals. Often ad agencies will make a good first impression but then their interest drops off after they have been hired. These ad agencies may make a show that is good with some basic questions but they are not interested in working with you. You need for them to be interested in your business and your goals. You want to think of your ad agency to be a partner.
  3. Ask for plans of how they will achieve your results. There should be a plan in place for how you will get your the results that you want. The better ad agencies will share that with your when they start working with them on your account. This will keep them on a schedule for your account and will be able to deliver set items and goals.
  4. Ask them to explain their process. You should work with an ad agency to let you know how they find the best opportunities and this is a lot about knowing where to look. They will have a strategy that is very sophisticated. Segmenting your target audience is one of the ways these ad agencies.
  5. Ask about their knowledge about your media market. If you are in Atlanta, you are going to want to go with an Atlanta creative agency. You want them to know the local media landscape. This will help them identify the opportunities in the community. This is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.
  6. Get creative samples. You need to get samples of their work. This should be recently done. The ad agency should have their portfolio of their work. You should look at campaigns for companies similar to yours. At least in the same industry. They may work with your on putting together a package of their work product and examples of their success.
  7. How well do they know your industry? Different companies need different things but they all need to work with an ad agency who knows your industry. This can make a difference in the success of your campaign and improve your experience with the ad agency.
  8. Discuss your multi media strategy. The ad agency can work with your develop a social media strategy. There are different ways to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. You do do not want to neglect papers, TV stations and radio. People get there news from a lot of news sources. You want to use your time with the marketing agency to help develop a long term strategy. Make sure you understand all of the different kinds of media the ad agency will approach.

Working with an ad agency can be a very rewarding process and you can get a lot of traction for your brand. It is critical that you spend some time before you talk to ad agencies and really work out what you hope to accomplishing with working with them to increase your brand awareness. If you take the time you will get the right ad agency.

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