Four Valuable SEO Basics Every New Business Should Use

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One of the biggest challenges facing new business owners today is finding ways to set themselves apart from the competition and attract new customers. One of the best strategies for doing so, if it isn’t a necessity, is developing a strong web presence based around a solid SEO optimization campaign. According to reports from Marketing Charts, 39% of all customers today arrive from the use of a search engine, so SEO marketing is vital for building a large customer base. But because it can be so difficult, owners should take the time to learn some search engine optimization basics before jumping into developing and trying to execute a campaign.

Content is King!

Up until recently, the key to earning high rankings, for the most part, was packing keywords and links into articles and blogs so that they would get noticed by search engine algorithms. But recent updates, like Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird, have placed an emphasis on providing content that offers value to readers and web users who click on links. So one of the most important search engine optimization basics is to be creative and produce content that shoppers will actually find beneficial.

Play by the Rules

Today, there are serious penalties for websites who use some of the old tricks that used to work to earn high rankings. The number of different rules and regulations is high, but reading Google’s “Webmaster Guidelines” is smart for any marketer who wants to make sure that their rankings and authority don’t take a hit because of the content they produce. Reading and understanding them can be a smart first step in developing any SEO campaign.

Measure Progress

One of the reasons that SEO campaigns fail to be as successful as possible is that businesses focus their efforts in the wrong areas. For instance, many businesses don’t realize that specific local search engine optimization campaigns can be more helpful than broad strategies. By using the right analytics, marketers will be able to find out where their strategies are both working and failing, and make important tweaks and changes to improve success.

Get Help!

For owners and managers who have experience in areas other than online marketing and SEO, partnering with SEO firms can be quite beneficial. Not only is SEO difficult to learn, but it is also cumbersome and time consuming. So choosing to outsource that work could make the difference between a campaign that is successful and one that simply weighs a business down.

In order to harness the power of search engines and attract new customers, many businesses will need to develop effective SEO campaigns. However, without first taking the time to learn some of the search engine optimization basics, doing so can be almost impossible. Understanding them can be the key to making sure SEO is a helpful tool. More like this article:

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