Four Reasons Your Small Business Can’t Afford Not to Use SEO Services

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Are you considering SEO services for small businesseses? If you are a small business, you might be thinking, “Every penny I spend is money out of my pocket. Why is SEO services for small businesses worth the money I’d have to spend on it?”

Believe you me, I understand where you’re coming from. You aren’t alone. Many small business owners use single ply toilet paper just to save a little extra money. However, when it comes to SEO services for small businesses, you really can’t afford not to. Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Your target market is going to find you online.

    If you were born before 1984, you spent enough of your adult life without the instant access to the internet that your brain doesn’t depend on it. You’re used to finding the products and services you need in person. Maybe you even make a phone call if you need to check on the availability of something.

    However, for consumers who were born after 1984 (who we shall call “Millenials” henceforth), the internet grow up right along side of them. The part of their brains that are responsible for problem solving developed in a way that depends on the internet. We aren’t saying this is a bad thing, but we are saying that if they are looking for your product or service, they WILL start by Googling it. In fact, whether your product or service is the type of thing that they’d be able to buy through the internet or not, or you’re a strictly in-person type of business, there is a 90% chance that your future customers are going to research it online before choosing a business to give their money to. You want them to find you online. And you want them to give you their money.

    You need to have a custom web design produced by a professional web development firm in order for your future customers to find you, and want to put their faith in you.

  2. Your future customers are going to look for you via a search engine.

    So now you understand why it is so important to be hip with what’s hip on the interwebs, even if the nature of your business doesn’t actually provide goods and services via the internet. Now let’s talk about how your clients find you when they hit up the internet in search of a business that provides your product or service.

    So you have a shiny website brought to you by a web design firm. Maybe you think they’re going to type in, right? WRONG. At least 94% of the time your customers are going to use the Google machine to get a list of companies who provide your product or service. What we’re saying is, in addition to having a beautiful website that makes your future clients have faith in you, you need to have a beautiful website that catches Google’s attention. How? Through SEO services for small businesses. Keep reading to understand how search engine optimization works.

  3. Your customers are strongly influenced by what Google thinks of you.

    When an online user uses the internet to find the product or service they want (which happens 90% of the time), and when they use a search engine on the internet to find the product or service they want (which happens 94% of the time), it doesn’t just matter THAT Google has you on the list. It matters how high they have you on their list.

    When Google gives a user a list of search results, 70% of the time, the user will block out any results that say “AD” on it. Instead, they’ll look at the “organic” search results (these are the links that aren’t paying to be there. They’re the links that Google has determined best match the user’s search criteria). About one-third of the time, your potential customer will choose the first link. About one-fifth of the users will choose the second link. Every following link will get less lovin. If your page falls on the second page of search results, you have a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-toothpicks of acquiring that customer. Using SEO agency is what gets you to the top of the search results.

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