Do You Have the Right Healthcare Administration Software in Place?

When it comes to using healthcare administration software your HR department needs software that has been developed to meet the needs of unique organizations. Having the ability to administer multiple plans or just one plan is always a perk as long as there are scalable options with flexible solutions. The right healthcare administration software has all of that and can be tailored to fit your every need including innovative claims solutions and healthcare payer solutions.

It Takes More Than Just Software

It takes more than just software to make your healthcare administration processes perform smoothly. It takes great customer service, support and technological expertise. Use healthcare administration software provided by industry trained professionals that have a wealth of experience and knowledge. They have the ability to handle situations in an effective and proactive manner without wasting your time.

Introducing MediClaim Software

The MediClaims system is a straightforward, cost-effective approach to claims administration. When you want healthcare administration software that is upfront with an efficient approach to claims administration, MediClaims is the rules-based approach for you. Integrated EDI processes allow for quick claims processing that is easy and accurate.

Do You Use Effective Healthcare Administration Software?

You may already have incorporated healthcare administration software, but is it up to par with innovative administration and processing software? You could be dealing with a range of claim and benefits types from dental, medical, prescription drug, vision to disability consumer driven healthcare and capitation processing. A system that is flexible and can be configured for groups, complex benefit packages with multiple lines of coverage or single line coverage is irreplaceable.

The Benefits of Using Top Notch Healthcare Administration Software

Not only can you handle many types of claims processing, top notch administration software offers functionality for claim precertification, referral as well as case management. The consumer driven health plan part of the healthcare benefit administration encompasses FSA, HAS and HRA. Other benefits include COBRA administration, payment processing and capitation maintenance, eligibility administration, an extensive library of custom and standard reports, customer service contact management, HIPAA-compliant EDI 5010 as well as legacy 4010 transactions, agent commissions and premium billing, system security that is easily configurable and disability processing for both long and short-term benefits.

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