Cloud Computing By the Numbers

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Cloud computing is becoming an incredibly important industry — the services provided by cloud services providers can help with complex tasks like data warehousing, product development, and even detailed business intelligence development.

The thing is, not too many people really understand just how important cloud computing services are in the business world — not just in corporate environments, but in all sorts of industries across the globe. Here are a few statistics that shed some light on how important cloud services really are today:

    50%: The number of businesses, according to a 2013 Gartner survey, that plan expanding their cloud computing technology to incorporate hybrid IT services, i.e., to use both public and private cloud services.

    82%: The percentage of businesses that state they’re saved money just by moving major data operations into the cloud.

    14%: of businesses were able to downsize their IT departments after moving to the cloud — although it’s important to note that this isn’t a necessary result of incorporating cloud services. Many businesses choose to outsource cloud service management rather than continue having their IT departments handle it, for example; there are a variety of ways to start using the cloud without eliminating jobs.

    22%: The sad, small percentage of businesses that use hybrid cloud services — a much greater number of businesses prefer to use either public cloud services or private services, but few are willing to use both because in the past, it’s been difficult to find services that work well with each other. Luckily, though, this is starting to change!

99.5%: The amount of data that already exists but is never used or analyzed — primarily because businesses either don’t have the software to handle it, but also because they just don’t know how to use this data. Cloud-based services have made big data collection and sharing much easier, and it’s likely that this number of unused data will begin to drop soon.

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