Are You Getting Ready to Switch the Software Package Your Office Uses?

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Does it ever seem like you are always out of the office? Do you spend the majority of the day out visiting customers and calling on potential new clients? If this is a description of your day, you might be the perfect kind of candidate for a less traditional office space. Instead of spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a month on building rent fees, your resources may be better spent on a less traditional office sharing situation and, instead, investing in a management platform like Office 365 Admin. With the support of the top Office 365 support options and a shared office location, in fact, many successful business owners are able to operate on a scaled down platform of expenses.
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Email, and a variety of apps, all in the cloud, are the basics that you get when you commit yourself or your staff to Office 365 Admin. In addition to businesses, however, many college students also understand Office 365 benefits when they move to campus. And while the benefits to the students are substantial, the benefits to a campus having all of their students on the same platform are that it is easier for the faculty and the business office to more easily communicate with the entire population at once. From information about campus security to weather alerts, when all users are on the same platform, many things are more manageable.
In addition, a major software package can also provide 24/7 help. Whether you are looking for Office 365 support NYC or Office 365 support DC, the migration services will be very similar and easily transferable. Consider some of these other features about one of the most used and most popular software offerings:

  • 60 million customers used the monthly commercial Office 365 in 2016.
  • 74% of large businesses with over 4,000 employees exclusively run Office 365.
  • 67% of Office 365 users that are companies with 100 or more users installed Exchange Online.
  • 20% of corporate employees use an Office 365 cloud service.
  • 58% of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Office documents, including the 30% of that is exclusively stored in Excel.

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