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The design of plastic parts actually entails a very complex process. Plastic injection mold design must address questions such as what loads can it experience, and how will other parts fit with a certain part. Plastic injection mold design must all address how the process works. These include how the melted plastic is entered into and fills the mold cavities.

Plastic injection mold design is used as the preferred systems for making and creating plastic pieces and parts. These parts created by plastic injection mold design are used in items such as bottle caps, combs, car interior parts, and other such common uses. This process is used to produce high volume of parts. The advantages of this process are repeatability, low labor costs, and minimal scraps. This low scrap and waste makes this a very cost efficient and environmentally manufacturing process.

Aluminum molds were first used in 1990 for plastic injection mold design and components. Plastic injection molding machines are very versatile as they can create a wide variety of products, such as those mentioned previously.

Most polymer and plastic materials can be used in plastic injection mold design including thermoplastics, and even some elastomers. This means that there are thousands of different materials that can be used for the injection molding process. These materials are usually mixed with alloys allowing plastic injection mold designers to find the materials that will best suit the end product. Materials can be chosen for strength or other parameters depending on the needs of the products.

Plastic injection mold design machines are also known as presses, and utilize several parts. The mold is attached to the machine, where the mold is generally filled to between 95 to 99 percent, and then pressure is applied. During plastic injection mold design systems, the faster the plastic is injected into the molds, the more linear and accurate the final product will be. After the piece cools to a sufficient state, the mold will open and eject the part. Then the process begins again.

Plastics injection molding design and thermoplastic injection molding is very efficient because it can produce parts in a very quick manner. Through this efficiency, the process can produce quality products that may cost more to create using other methods.

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